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Both players and coaches can benefit greatly from the SweetSpotTee Pro. This redesigned tee allows the coach to position the ball with ease in a variety of locations for a truly custom practice session. The SweetSpotTee Pro comes complete with a base channel, counter balance weights, track,  1 car,  1 adjustable tee top choice of 10″ or 13″,  plate and adjustable handle for the trainer.

Made in the U.S.A with high grade materials, the SweetSpotTee will stand the test of time and abuse as it delivers consistent benefits and results for the users.

Benefits include:

  •  A more customized practice session.

  • Great for teams and associations.

  • Side-to-side motion and pitch adjustment up and down.  

  • Tee top moves up and down to work on risers, dropballs and curveballs.

  • Trains player to hit the ball in the ideal location      (Most youth struggle with the outside pitch, this system trains to address that pitch deeper in the box).  

  • Counter balance weights for better stability.

  • Included track allows the SweetSpotTee to move forward and backwards for a fully custom position.

  • Your choice of a 10″ or 13″ tee top.

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