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Yes Flexx Does Association Tryouts and Evaluations!

Flexx and its knowledgeable staff is excited to be working with Baseball and Softball associations in the Greater Twin Cities Area.  With Flexx you get the following: 

Experienced Staff

Flexx has a knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in training and evaluating baseball and softball players.  And don't worry about losing kids to club organizations, our staff has not ties to Club or other teams that may be interested in recruiting and stealing your players out of the association.   


Flexx uses top of the line equipment such as laser cells to measure running speed.  Radar guns to measure Exit Velocity, and  Pitching/ Throwing Speeds, and a standard stopwatch to test catchers pop time.  This is in addition to the traditional evaluations that your association is accustom to.    

Registration Platform

All Flexx clients have access to our free platform.  Take care of all registration, communication, reporting, accounting, and team pages in one system.... for free! 

Contact us for more details.


Player Profile

Every player that is evaluated will get a "Player Locker" where the results from every year of tryouts are stored.  A players profile can also store your future goals, community service, videos and academic achievements.  If they decide to play on past High School the profile that they have built up becomes a great tool for players to share with college coaches.   

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