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Flexx Testing 

Flexx Ball tests baseball and softball players of all ages to gather athletic data through measurable testing. An athletes initial evaluation becomes their baseline that can be built upon and useful in development. We will hold several evaluations throughout the year which will consist of player testing with lasers and radar guns etc.  Players are welcome to attend any and all to monitor their progress and make adjustments to their training regimen appropriately. Each player will have their own personal profile in which this data will be stored and accessible to the players and parents. In a players profile they can store all of their evaluation data as well as personal info such as height, jersey size, GPA and even videos that highlight their skills for potential college coaches.

To sign up and/or be notified of future events click on link below and create an account

  • Exit Velocity

  • Arm Strength

  • Running Speed

  • Pitchers Velocity

  • Catchers Pop Time

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