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4-Hitter Tournament

Teams will be made up of 4 players per team that  played 10-11U baseball during the 2018 summer season.  Each player will hit 6 times per game, 3 times per inning. Each game is 2 innings long and will have a top of inning (hitting),middle of inning (outfield) & bottom of inning (infield).

Teams are awarded points for hits (1 for single, 2 for double etc.), making outs and assisting in outs. Each team supplies their own pitcher (coach or designated pitcher) and they pitch to themselves (pitch to own team). Only taking 16 teams for 2018 North Hudson 4 Hitters Pepper Ball Days. 

  • Sunday, August 19

  • 3 Game Guarantee

  • Each game consist of approx 1 to 1.5 hours of play

  • Rosters may only be made up of teams with a Max of 13.0 handicap.

    • 11AAA = 4.0

    • 11AA = 3.5

    • 10AAA = 3.0

    • 10AA = 2.5

    • OPEN 6TH grader = 2.0

    • U9 Travel = 1.5

    • OPEN 5th grader = 1.0                                                                

      • Eligible Ex1: 11AAA player, 11AA player, 10AA player (house/open) & A player = 9A = Eligible Roster 

      • Ineligible Ex: 11AAA player, 11AAA player, 11AA Player, 11AA players = 15A which is an ineligible roster

      • Eligible Ex2: 11AAA player, 11AAA player, 10AAA (house/open), OPEN A 5th Grader  = 12A      

  • Games will be handicapped to keep play competitive.

  • One game official (field ump) on each field. 

  • Team Coaches will also be games officials, with one designated tournament official on each field. 

  • Tournament will start at 12pm with checkin from 11 to 11:30am, with a goal of being complete no later than 6pm (weather permitting)

  • Games will be played at either GrandView fields or Krattley Fields in Hudson, WI.

  • All registered teams will receive set of team jerseys (t-shirts).

Individuals will be placed on a team and will find out team prior to the first game at check in.

Detailed rules and schedules to be posted the week of August 13th.

4 hitters image.jpeg

If you are interested in entering a team or as an individual player to be put on a team click on the link below.

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